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Some Puerto Rican guy

It's been almost nine years now since Oury Jalloh died in police custody in Germany. Almost nine years in which the cops insisted the man set himself on fire, with his hands restrained on his back, lying on a fire-proofed matress, using a lighter that was found almost miracleously amongst the court exhibits - not on the crime scene.

But, surprise, he didn't set himself on fire! At least that's the conclusion of a fire and explosion investigator paid for by anti-racism activists.

Instead we're now looking for "unknown third party". That's the likeliest conclusion after all, if the man didn't kill himself. It's not like we would look towards, well, maybe the cops who supposedly didn't notice the fire alarms, who were responsible for the investigation and who insisted on the suicide theory all the time?

So, let me guess what the "unknown third party" looks like:  Puerto Rican. Of average Puerto Rican height.

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