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How to keep your city safe

Last time, we faced the curfew in Hamburg with a bit of humor. This time we can report that the cit of Hamburg has revoked the curfew.

Maybe the widespread criticism, the protests or even the fact that the US-embassy issued a travel warning for the city (which is a major trading port and a commercial hub)... Not at all, at least according to the Office for Inner Affairs. The measure was ended, because it was a success, the municipial government claims. There have been no attacks on police officers during the time of the curfew.

Again, Simpsons did it before:


Homer: Not a bear in sight. The Bear Patrol must be working like a charm.
Lisa: That’s specious reasoning, Dad.
Homer: Thank you, dear.
Lisa: By your logic I could claim that this rock keeps tigers away.
Homer: Oh, how does it work?
Lisa: It doesn’t work.
Homer: Uh-huh.
Lisa: It’s just a stupid rock.
Homer: Uh-huh.
Lisa: But I don’t see any tigers around, do you?
[Homer thinks of this, then pulls out some money]
Homer: Lisa, I want to buy your rock.
[Lisa refuses at first, then takes the exchange]

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